Winter Preview - Blackhat + Heart of the Sea - Empire October 2014 [HQ]

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"How did the whole Hall H thing come about?" (x)

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Tom Hiddleston on Top Gear

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THE MARVEL AR APP exclusive video - Tom Hiddleston

lololz, hey kimmsauce, eatingcroutons -  remember how we kept talking about Loki wheeling and dealing and making deals with loansharks before meeting the Other? Seems that is Tom’s headcanon too.

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Another old interview of which i had only read bits before.

Here’s an extract ( I can’t help but notice that he cited Tom Hanks in different interviews for different reasons. I would love to see them work together!)

"It wasn’t just his mood that suffered. The other big impact the weight-cycling had was on his wardrobe, with designer casualties to make any fashion fan weep. "I just went through this with my stylist for the Avengers press tour and she said, ‘OK, you should have a bunch of suits from last year.’ I’m like, ‘Nope! None of them fit.’ Literally, I look like Tom Hanks at the end of the movie Big, when he’s a child again. I put on the suits and the pants completely fell off me, and the shoulders and the sleeves are down to my knuckles. So I’ve got 30 beautiful suits, Armani and Burberry and Gucci, that just doesn’t fit me, so I’ve got to work out what to do with them."

Chris’s other big project is impending fatherhood with his wife, Spanish actress Elsa Pataky - something he’s incredibly excited about, although they’re letting the sex of the baby stay a surprise. They married in 2010 after reportedly being introduced by their mutual agent.

"I try not to get too detailed about how we met," he says with typical movie star wariness, before being unable to stop himself gushing about her. "But we’re married and having a kid, and I knew pretty soon that this was who I wanted to be with. I feel lucky to have met someone who - whatever’s going on in the work side of my life - is there with me to give me a hand, or keep me focused, or keep me…" On the straight and narrow, I venture. "That’s it! Keep me in check and she certainly does. She’s Spanish, she’s passionate, she’s fiery."

The couple have a loose rule to make sure they don’t spend more than two or three weeks apart. “You get to the two-week mark and it gets uncomfortable then, so you want to go home,” he says. “So far we’ve managed not to work at the same time, so let’s hope it stays that way. If I’m on one side of the world and she’s on the other, that’s not the healthiest scenario for a relationship.”

Smart man!

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THOR: THE DARK WORLD - Official “Tom Hiddleston Auditions As Thor” Featurette [HD] (by CBMTrailers)

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Chris brings down the hammer for Japan!!


Chris brings down the hammer for Japan!!

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Tom Hiddleston - Captain Marvel - Telegraph Magazine Jan 11, 2014


It’s hammer time! i drew Thor in an interview w/Chris Hemsworth for the first issue of TRAIN MAGAZINE.


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Tom is probably Kermit the Frogs biggest fan, and I think it’s freaken adorable.

Let us not discount the time the lucky bastard got to kiss Miss Piggy.

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Ok, THESE NEEDS TO FUCKING STOP. It’s SUPER SHITTY of these hosts to go into the fandom and take these beautiful works of art and try to embarrass the actors with them. They give no credit to the artists, who don’t give these hosts permission. They take the art out of the safe places they’re posted.
Not to mention it isn’t cool for the actors. They know about this stuff already. No need to force them into awkward situations.
I’ve seen it done with Tom, I’ve seen it done with Benedict, I’ve seen it done with Daniel Radcliffe. IT NEEDS TO STOP.

And of course, OF COURSE when you look at the video, you see people in the comments saying “why can’t they show him some amazing art instead of porn” and at this point I am ready to slam some heads against walls.

again - it’s not like tom gives consent for an interviewer to do this. they deliberately push it in his face without asking or even giving him time to protest, if he felt like protesting. the guy doesn’t tell him that he’s going to show him fanart, he very rudely takes the stack of pictures out and is like here. here is the fanart. look at it. it’s like any classic rude journalist that holds a mic in your face when you’re walking down the street.

#someone should write a letter to tom directly #’dear tom sorry to break the news but fanart isn’t about you it’s about loki’ #’like we all respect you but it’s not personally drawn for u’ #’or chris’ #’it’s drawn because we love marvel comic universe’ #’thank’

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Have you ever done an impersonation of someone to them? (x)

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"To be honest I don’t remember if I saw them outside the shooting set because shooting days were long, from dusk to dawn. And, no, I remembered! When we left for Iceland to shoot “The Dark World”, me and Chris Hemsworth were settled in a small house right at the foot of a volcano, where all the action took place. It was a pretty ordinary house but you know what was special about it? Every day, Chris and I cooked together culinary masterpieces with our Iceland house manager. And then chatted about life and drank wine all night long. It was very funny. I haven’t had so much fun for a long time."

— Tom Hiddleston [Did you have a chance to drink a beer with Chris Hemsworth in London or have a life talk with Anthony Hopkins after another day of shooting?] (via tenacitas)

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Tom Hiddleston on ChattyMan (Fan art section is at the 8 min mark)

So yeah, I made up more than half of the fanart segment -  I guess they didn’t have to spend too much time googling?

For people who are curious

Walking with Mumma (Thor is totally at work being a hero, okay?)

And Loki is Alone (Hey, to be fair, this is not meant to be a hiddles!loki, but classic Loki)